The body image issue and cool workout

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

It is one of those facts that I like quite a lot of fitness pages on Facebook. I like the normal mainstream pages like Men’s and Women’s health, numerous other health and fitness magazines and then the good old t-nation and for some really insightful articles and very clever workout ideas. Then of course the not so mainstream, yet extremely clever guys and girls that are miles ahead of the pack when it comes to heath, fitness and training principles. My point is, that when I log on to Facebook for my daily (ok hourly) fix, I am overwhelmed with fitness images.

My point is this, many people do the same, we like these pages to inspire us and give us a goal to go out there on a daily basis and kick some ass during our training sessions. But seriously, the images that bombard us on these pages are what gives me a headache sometimes. It is all shiny, bulging bodyparts that scream unnatural and not at all normal. Yes, maybe they inspire you to get out of your pajamas, into your training gear and go for that run, or just a bunch of push ups while still in your pajamas. (Whatever floats your fitness boat) Not everybody is inspired by this though, they look at these pictures and then glare at themselves in the mirror and they stare back at themselves in horror. 9 Times out of 10, there is not much wrong with the self looking back at you. Although you might not be as shiny as the guy in the photo (but who is first thing in the morning, unless you sleep in a bath of baby oil) something to consider? Ok, sorry, back to reality. Shiny and bulging muscles are not a realistic thing for a mom of two (who does not have nannies and chefs) Said mom must get kids up, dressed and fed before school. Mom must then dress and feed self (often a forgotten task) and then off to work. Workout you say? When? You say? What, you need an hour to do the workout in said article and then drink an all important shake directly after the workout and before you leave the gym, then go eat 120.23g of this and 23.98g of that within an hour of training. Say what??

So we give a glaring and critical eye to the person staring back at us in the mirror. All we can see is the ab muscles popping from the model in the Facebook picture. Guys and girls, this is not realistic and sometimes never attainable and that is 100% ok. Most of these people, I am sad to say, are using some kind of stimulant to get these amazing bodies and we need to realize that when we stumble into gym for our little training session 3 times a week. It is perfectly normal to crave (insert your favorite food here) so don’t beat yourself up just because you see perfect bodies all over the internet. These bodies get paid to look like that. That is their livelihood and their bread and butter (so to speak, more like rice and chicken, right?)

It is the small stuff that will make the big difference. Drink water, lots of it. Eat your vegetables, you know you should. Eat some fruit. It is not from the devil, even if the high fat, low carb people say so and eat your meat, fish and chicken. Again, you know all this, so keep at it and you will start looking and feeling better than you have in many moons. Forget about all those pictures that you are bombarded with and go with the flow. Like Dan John would say, eat adult food and get moving every other day. That is a good start, keep at it and you will see the difference.

Oh, before I forget, I promised you a little workout to try.

I did 10 minutes of hill on the bike today. 1 minute seated climb and 1 minute standing climb.
Straight into 10 minutes of a kettlebell flow – Alternating kb swing/snatch/clean/reverse lunge/burpee/push up

Into a 10 minute seated climb cycle

Every minute on the minute of:

5 BB bench press
5 Deadlifts

And finally….

3 Rounds of:

10 Bulgarian hip hinges – each leg
5 Landmine kneeling shoulder press

Enjoy the sweat….


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