Jump in, today.

Posted: February 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Isn’t it just wonderful and funny in the same breath when someone fall off the wagon on a Monday afternoon after tea and a muffin with friends and then just say, aah, I will start again on Monday. What?? Monday? That is like seven days away! Do you know how much good can happen in seven days?

I have this little secret weapon that I use. It helps me to have a piece or 3 of pizza on the odd Wednesday evening or a glass of wine with hubby every other day or so. It is called myfitnesspal, there you go, my secret is out. I count calories. I will wait for the gasps to quiet down and then I will explain. I am a fitness enthusiast, a trainer, a wife and a mother. After my second little one I really tried everything to get the excess weight off and get going again. It was stuck on me like bubblegum in your hair. It went nowhere even though I was eating low carb, drinking mostly water (and the odd coffee) So I went back to basics, looked at my macros (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) decided what my percentages are going to be and I really just started logging everything I ate. It took a couple of weeks to refine and test and change, but guess what? The weight started falling off, literally. I went 10 kilograms down in just over 3 months and kept it off for about a year now.

Back to falling off the wagon though. I mentioned the odd piece of pizza here and there and if it fits into your basic macro counts and your kilojoules are withing your goal number for the day, why not? Why do you want to deprive yourself of all the good stuff? Let your hair down every now and again, withing your limits and enjoy the food you like. Don’t put a damper on life just because you want to lose a couple of kilograms.So don’t make a piece of pizza or a muffin or a cocktail the evil thing that will make you say you will be off the wagon for another week.

So, moral of this short story is, if you eat or drink something on a Tuesday morning because, well, you were forced of course. Don’t just stay off, get right back on and make your next meal a healthy one. Get those good habits coming and it will become easier as the days, weeks and months come and go. Don’t let another week go by with just stuffing your face with everything bad you can just because, well, you can. One high sugar, high fat meal is not going to derail your efforts.

Keep going and keep strong.



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