Exercise for fat loss

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

I recently read that if you want people to read your article, then write about the stuff that people talk or ask you about the most and that definitely is the question of fat loss. How do I get rid of this? (Showing dimples on the upper thigh) How do I stop this from happening? (waving arm and showing the arm wobble) and on and on.  Now I can always quickly show them some exercises to incorporate into their current workout programs, and hope that they actually follow your advice and do them, because yes, they do help. But we have to start at the beginning and that is what we are going to do in this article.

Right, first things first, they always say it all begins in the kitchen. So, so true, yet, we want to spend more time fixing the obvious wobble and dimple, which will take time in the gym yes, but eating healthy and well is way more important.

Just think about it for a second. The average person will get to the gym 3 times per week, for maybe a 45 minute workout. That gives you a total training time of 135 minutes of training every week.  The average person will eat 3 times a day. That is a whopping 21 meals per week. 3 Training sessions versus 21 meals, that is a big difference and that is why we need to focus more on shopping, prepping and preparing your meals and then we can get your training sorted out.

Now I know, the topic of this is actually exercise for fat loss and I did regress with the whole nutrition nag, sorry, I will get right back to the juicy stuff.

The biggest bang for your buck when you want the fat to just fall off you is strength training. Yes, I am talking to women as well here. No, I am specifically talking to women here because it is not a big stretch to get a man to approach an Olympic bar with some plates on, but we do scare away easily like a dear in headlights when we as women need to approach the bar. The reasons are many, too many for this forum but the big picture here is we need to get more women in front and behind that steel bar. We need to get women strong, because strong is empowering and strong burns fat.

So with this in mind, here is a little circuit that I found recently. These are not my ideas, I don’t claim them for my own, but man, do these little circuits work. I have been trying them and they give you a very good metabolic hit and that is what we crave. I does not, however, kill you and leave you in a puddle of sweat, which is good because you can come back tomorrow and do another quality workout without feeling like a train ran over you the previous day.

Here is the long and short of it. Choose 4 exercises. Exercise 1 is usually a push or upper body exercise. Exercise 2 is a leg dominant exercise. Exercise 3 will be a core exercise and then exercise 4 will be an aerobic type exercise.

This is what I did yesterday:

Alternating KB floor press for 30 seconds

Rest 15 Seconds

Barbell RDL for 30 seconds

Rest 15 seconds

Bosu dead bug for 30 seconds

Rest 15 seconds

Skip for 120 seconds

Rest 1 minute

That is 1 round; you can do 3 – 5 rounds, depending on your time limit and fitness levels.

Give this circuit a try and let me know what you think.


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