The medical proffesionals of today

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

Last week was one of those momentous weeks in a person’s life. My hubby turned 40 on Wednesday and on Friday he went for his yearly medical. It is a pretty comprehensive medical with a VO2max test, bloodwork and so on. We are still waiting for the full report to see all the aspects of the medical but here is the crux of it. The medical professionals these days are in such a pill induced coma that it makes me so cross.

In a nutshell, hubby has lost 19kg since his last medical exactly a year ago (more on our scale at home, but who is counting) It is a combination of us just cleaning up our diet and making sure our macros are kind of spot on. Because seriously, who’s macros are always 100% spot on? He is also running a lot and doing circuits in the gym, but honestly, it is the counting of those calories that really brought on the change. With the kilos lost, he also got fitter and dropped 2 points on his cholesterol count. So now he is just slightly over 5 where we need to be under 5, but again, we are not sure what is LDL and HDL, we will only see that in the report. So if you look at the basic overall results, joy!

Apparently the medical team does not see this as joy! Yes, I will say that again, no joy!! Really??  Ok so here we go. They are concerned about his cholesterol and immediately want to put him on statins. He has dropped 2 points since his last appointment and is still going strong in getting himself under 5 with good eating habits and training and the medicals staff is staring blindly into the abyss of “I need to sell medication”

What the hell is wrong with these people? Why can we not try and cure non death threating medical conditions with eating a better with a well-balanced diet, a little less stress, more sleep and a decent exercise program? Why do we always want to just let people spend money by popping pills and telling them that are going to make them better? Do we know what statins do to us? No, why do we bother? A doctor tells us to take it because it will make us better and because we believe they have better judgement than us, we just pop the pill.

I honestly believe that we are just being such lazy asses. Yes, I said it. Why am I being so harsh?  Because we would rather sit on our behinds, eat pizza and pop our precious little pill that will make us all better because it is easy. That is laziness and we can keep on telling ourselves that medical professionals know better and we will just die of all our overweight aches and pains.

We can do something about it people. It will just take some effort from our part. So stop being such followers of pills and get up and do something about your own health. Move, eat better and you WILL feel better. But no, popping a pill is so much easier…. Yes, I am cross. Get cross with me and begin your better life.


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