A fresh start

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

So I haven’t written in a while and thought that today is a good day to start. Many reasons, none of which is super exciting so I won’t bore you with the details. This is however me sharing my honest opinion. Many might not like it, so be it. We are all welcome to our opinions and views, I am just sharing mine on a more public platform.

With that out of the way, let me dig into my inner thoughts, mostly about fitness because that is what makes me tick.

This being the season of eating too much, I reverted to old-ish habits of doing a bit more cardio, ramping up the heart rate and seeing the calories burnt on my ever present technology on my arm. We get addicted, you know. We want to see the heart rate up there and we want to see the calorie counter ticking and we get satisfaction out of it. Now we can eat a little more guilt free and have that extra glass of wine. Which is fine, I suppose as damage control, heck, I picked up maybe 1kg during the holiday season and I am already back to pre-holiday weight, so all in all not that bad.

The problem came this morning in the gym, when I was doing deadlifts. Slow and boring some would say and that is why the cardio junkies stay away from this type of training because you do not see the calories ticking away so quickly. But man, was I disgusted in the drop of strength that all the high intensity training brought me during the last 3 weeks. I struggled with bodyweight deadlifts! That is really not on. Hard lesson learnt and one that I would like to put across to you, my fellow gym junky of health nut or whatever we would like to call ourselves.

It is fun (ok, maybe not so much , but bear with me) to sweat doing something torturous in the gym and it is addicted (to some, not all) but let me just remind you quickly of all the benefits of the weight section of your gym. Now after you have chased all the men, steroid junkies and the squat rack curlers out of the area with a broomstick (I dare you) take an olympic bar, make it one without any weights, its ok, we will get there and just run through a very basic sequence of stiff legged deadlifts, bent over rows, upright rows and overhead press. Do 5 reps of each, don’t put the bar down between every exercise and then rest of 1 minute after your simple sequence. Now if you are a technology wearing junky, check your heart rate. Hmmmm, not so low hey, and that shimmer on your forehead is sweat and it came fairly quickly as well. Now try this sequence for 3 – 5 sets and see how you feel afterwards.

There are many of these little exercises that you can throw together to build a super workout without jumping on a machine to get your heart rate up. It will benefit you in more ways as well. You will build strong muscles, that will use more energy while you sit down to watch your favourite tv program tonight.

So I will be taking my own advice and get off my heart rate high horse and build some proper strength again.


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