Brace yourself

Posted: July 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

Do you ever wonder why you drag yourself to your specific training facility or just get up from the couch and get your home equipment to train? Some days it really just feels like too much (especially in winter) and the questions and doubts start in your mind. Do you play along and just skip your workout today to get back into it tomorrow? Or do you tell your mind to shut the hell up and do it anyway?
Now, obsessions aside, (meaning, some of us want to be at the gym or do some kind of training 6 – 7 days per week) (oh and of course those of us with obsessions with food, just saying….) we need to understand why training and eating healthy is not just an obsession of a small group of people around us (and no, I am not referring to a certain group or institution here). We all know these friends. They never sleep in on a Saturday morning because they don’t want to miss their morning workout. They very rarely miss a session during the week and they always try and eat healthy, even when they go out with friends. Shame on you for trying to bully them out of their workouts or wanting to shove half a burger down their mouth just to make yourself feel better about your eating and training habits.
So enough bashing people around here. We need to understand that, yes, it is a choice (to some extend) but what if it wasn’t? What if your doctor sat you down one day after a routine check-up and told you that you are basically going to die if you do not start training and eating healthy? What would you do? Stop eating and drinking so much and start walking the dog? Hell yeah! You don’t want to leave your loved ones alone too soon!
So why do you want to brace yourself for bad news before you get your behind in gear? It really doesn’t take much. Before your doctor tells you that you suffer from high cholesterol or blood pressure, take control. It is so much better mentally if you do it yourself without someone basically telling you that you are holding a gun to your own head and your finger is on the trigger. Squeeze and die now or change. Change regardless.
Make small changes. Just take the dog for a leisurely 30 minute walk 3 times a week after supper (or before, no biggy when you do it just get going) (I almost said just do it but I might get sued, so I didn’t) Drink one less cup of coffee each day and add a serving of vegetables and fruit to your daily list of things to eat today. That is an awesome start and don’t let anybody tell you differently.
Brace yourself for then feeling better about yourself, more energetic and even fun filled (and your dog will also get in better shape due to those walks) Take control of that gun that you are holding against your own head and make the most out of life. You owe it to yourself and your family (and that gorgeous dog of yours)


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