The inverted row

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Training

Inverted rows On the back of our discussion on the renegade row, we jump straight into the inverted row. Why 2 back exercises in one challenge? Well, for the simple reason that we are obsessed with our “mirror muscles” the pecs, abs and quads and we totally forget about the back, the mos important part of our bodies to keep us upright in a life that is full of question mark positions in front of computers and televisions.

So in comes the majestic inverted row, hooray, at last a reason to work on the smith machine in the gym! Or for that matter, work almost anywhere because the inverted row is probably one of the most versatile exercises you will be doing (except the push up, of course)

Lets look at the benefits of the little gem of an exercise. Want an upper body exercise that gives you the full benefits? Then look no further than this one. It works your upper back, your lats, traps and then of course your biceps. So now you can stop doing those silly dumbbell bicep curls in front of the mirror. Just do inverted rows for big guns. The biggest benefit of doing inverted rows is for your posture. We all need way more back work than we think, yet we go to the bench press first thing without thinking. So lets think a bit and make this one work for our postures.

Make sure that you pull your shoulder blades back and together, keep your stomach muscles tight and lead with your chest. Be sure not to drop down otherwise your arms and shoulders will still be on the bar and not on your body. Slowly go down back into the starting position, all the way down.  Now the wonderful thing about the smith machine (can you believe it, I said the smith machine is wonderful, hehe) you can set the bar as high as you want, so if you are not familiar with inverted rows or just starting off, set the bar high and work it till you feel confidant enough to set it lower.

You don’t have a gym with a smith machine or don’t go to gym? Not a problem, there is so many variations for the inverted row so don’t let the lack of a smith machine stop you. You can use a stair handles, rings, ropes, swings, a kid’s jungle gym, TRX or any TRX type variation. Just do yourself a favour and type inverted row into any search engine and you will see variations.

This really is a very underutilized exercise that packs such a punch, so start including this move into your workout routine and start feeling better and looking amazing.



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