Rough and tough Renegade Rows

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

ImageDuring the April challenge, we’ve looked at the goblet squat and the push up. Now, these are hard to get right and it takes time and effort to practise these moves for them to feel right. Now let us up the ante to the next exercise. The renegade row. Yes, some people don’t even know what it is and others just look at it and say, yeah right, and move back to normal bent over rows. But I tell you, if you want a super nice looking back and abs of steel, this is the exercise to do.

I have said, yeah right for a long time as well, and I have used the April challenge to get back to doing this awesome move. The thing is, you have to keep your abs so tight to do this exercise that you do not have a choice but train them and train them hard (without back and neck breaking abdominal crunches that is). I would suggest that you be able to do at least a hand plank.Image

You must be able to do the hand plank for a minute before you can go on to the next exercise. This is a process, don’t go and do a renegade row without the prep and practise. You will just end up hurting yourself and you will never do one of the most awesome compound movements ever. (Remember a compound move is one of those that gives you more bang for your buck in terms of muscles used)

ImageAfter you have perfected the hand plank, your abs are now prepared to move on to the next exercise. You are going to do exactly the same move but now, you are lifting your hands off the floor towards the shoulder. Remember not to let the back sag when you lift your hand and your hips must stay square, they should not drop as you lift your hands alternately.  You can vary touching the same shoulder or touch the opposite shoulder as you get more stable in this position.

From here you can either start adding dumbbells to the move or you can do modified renegade rows.  Adding dumbbells can happen in 2 ways. Add one dumbbell to one hand and keep the other one on the floor. Do your set of rows with the one hand and switch to the other hand and repeat. When you feel like you are a rock star with this, add the other dumbbell and do alternating rows.

The renegade row is an awesome exercise that will burn what needs to be burnt. Don’t just look at it and say, nah, too difficult or looks like too much effort. Get down and dirty and results will come.


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