The goblet squat

Posted: April 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

ImageThe first move of our April challenge is the goblet squat. Don’t know what that is?
If you look at any child that starts walking, how do they get down to pick up stuff off the floor? They squat down, perfectly, may I add. They basically sit down between their legs and they don’t fall over, at all. It is a perfectly balanced masterpiece of a squat, and we were all capable of that type of move, we just lost it do to stupid things we do, lack of mobility and by just focusing on training those mirror muscles in the gym.

So why do people refrain from squatting? Lack of know how, lack of power and, yes, I am going to say it, you are scared or maybe just a little lazy? Ouch, that hurt right? Nobody is going to tell you that you are lazy. So let us break down this squat to help you get oodles of strength without being scared of hurting your knees.

So here are some steps to perfect the goblet squats.

First off, you are going to do wall squats – with the goblet squat you basically drop your body between your knees. With this in mind, you have to keep your torso (upper body) in an upright position, try that, you will probably fall over, so to teach your body, to open up your hips (mobility) and your upper back, you will look and feel so much better by just doing this drill. You are going to stand about 30cm from the wall with your feet turned slightly out and your hands on your chest. You are then going to push your hips back and drop between your legs by pushing your knees apart with your arms. Obviously not dropping your chest and head forward and touching the wall. As you become better, you will move closer to the wall, doing the move and still not touching the wall. Remember, your heels are not allowed to lift off the floor. Flat feet (take those shoes off so you can get a feel for your body)

After this, you want to start putting load onto this baby. So take a DB or a KB and hold it to your chest (goblet position), you are only going to squat down until your butt touches a bench or a box that you put behind you. This will teach you the correct pattern while strengthening your lower back and abdominal muscles.

If you are satisfied with move number 2, you can lower the box and increase your range of motion, keep it slow and steady to teach the body the right way to do something, don’t just drop into the box, this is of no use to you and it will just lead to injury later when you do the full range of motion move.

Now that you have the move in your head and your body knows what to do, go ahead and take the box away. Remember, you are sitting down between your legs, like a toddler. Yes, we must mimic children and their movements more. It is because we do not spend enough time on the floor.

If we do some silly moves on the floor, getting up and getting all the way down again will naturally improve posture and movement. Go give it a try!

So there you go, the goblet squat, you have a full month to master it, take your time and do it right. 


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