Posted: February 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

ImageHmm, this is such a nice little thing to post on your Facebook page or your website or whatever you have to share with the world. Problem is, it is so damn hard! We want to wake up, kick ass and repeat countless times during the day. But we wake up, fall out of bed, drink bucket loads of coffee to wake up, dress, eat (if you remember) dress kids, feed others, do the drop offs, go to work, blah, blah, blah. We know the drill. So where the hell do we get the kick ass part in?

This week has been a hard training week for me. We all experience it at some stage and it is hard. You are tired all the time, you still drag yourself to your training. Every bloody movement you do is painful and sore and you can feel your muscles are aching when you just look at the apparatus you are about to use. Kick ass, you tell yourself. Just get going, and most of the time, 10 minutes into the workout, you feel better and push through. My little secret? When I feel down and out for the count, I always start with rowing. Some easy stuff just to get my blood flowing and true to form, I only need 5 – 10 minutes of rowing to get me (literally) off my butt and get going with the rest of my workout. But it was hard this week. I managed 4 sessions this week, hell, that is not shabby at all! 3 Relatively hard sessions and one session where I focused on technique (the turkish get up and some swings).

Today is Saturday. Baby is asleep, hubby is travelling. So I decided (after skipping my session yesterday) to just do something. This is what I came up with and decided to share it with you. It took me 35 minutes and I feel good. So this was a bonus session for me today,I don’t really train on Saturdays and this just set me up perfectly for a weekend of eating healthy!

Hope you enjoy it. It is super simple.

1 Minute plank

1 Minute rest



1 minute swing left

1 minute swing right

30 seconds rest


I did say it was simple. Worked up a nice sweat!


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