Great expectations

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Don’t you just think the world is a cruel place? They always bombard us with magazines and television shows of people looking awesome and stunning all the time. They step onto their fancy red carpets and people take pictures of their perfect bodies. This illusion is what makes us aim too high in our health and fitness goals and then usually fall flat on our faces due to our great expectations that is just a tad too high. We want to look like last week’s magazine cover yesterday and we think a diet of carrot and celery sticks and two hour workouts six days a week is going to do this for us. 

We watch the Crossfit Games and all we see is six packs and big legs and we think: “Cool, let’s do Crossfit” but read a bit further into the lives of those athletes and see that their dedication is 7 days a week and 3 WOD’s a day! 

We need to see the bigger picture here. We are working parents with busy social lives. We want to be healthy, still perform at work and get that raise to be able to comfortably look after our family. So the great expectations are absolutely awesome to have, we just need to find a balance and a decent time frame to get to those expectations.

If we start off too quick and too strict, it is all just going to fall to pieces around you. You are going to be a sore, starved little “hellboy/girl” and you are just going to say oh stuff it, it is too hard. It is not too hard, you must just pace yourself and that begins with you. What can you handle right now? Can you eat a healthy breakfast and train 20 minutes 3 times a week? Well, than that is enough for now. Get a habit going and work from there. 

We have awesome workouts on the website, that is easy to use and very quick, it will give you bang for your buck and you will feel great. Establish those healthy eating habits one meal at a time and phase health and wellness back into your life. Don’t force it, because that is when it is doomed to fail.



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