So,  we all want a beautiful body, we want to be glanced at a second time when we walk down the street and be admired for the hard work we put in by working out and the restraint when we eat our daily meals, but, alas, it is not that easy. We see all these posters and motivational quotes with super athletic bodies on the net and on facebook pages on how it takes commitment and only 4% a day for a one hour workout and that it is all about you and yourself and your commitment. But let me tell you a little secret, those posters with athletes are awesome, they spike your will to train and the motivational quote helps you think that everybody can do it. But back at the ranch we have kids and jobs and life happens. Maybe I didn’t understand it all until I had a little one six months ago, maybe I also frowned upon people who had a million excuses why they could not get to their gym session on a particular day, and yes, I may have been a little bit naive to the needs of parents. I am not anymore.


I want to let you on a few of my days as a mother and a fitness fanatic. As soon as I got the all clear from the doc I started with cycling and rowing, 30 minutes each day, almost 5 days a week. That happened in the evenings when my hubby came home from work. When the doc cleared me six weeks after the birth, I started weight training but could not go on a very strict diet due to still breast feeding, I don’t want to bore you with all the details so fast forward to today, six months and 2 weeks later, and mom is still struggling  to lose weight. So for all the moms or moms to be out there, here is the struggles and what you can do about it.

  • You are seriously sleep deprived and due to that, you will struggle to lose the weight due to your insulin levels that are fluctuating, don’t sweat it, if you stress about that as well you are fighting a losing battle, you are stressing about a lot already with diaper changes, feeding schedules, washing the dishes and cooking supper. Fitness will get back to where you want it to be, don’t rush it. Remember, it took you nine months before the birth, give yourself enough time to get your fitness back.
  • Your schedule is very tight. You will have to adjust your workout times a lot. Research has shown that long boring cardio doesn’t work anyway, your workouts need to be fast (before baby wakes for the next feed) and high intensity. You want to work with weights and you want little rest between sets.
  • The most important part of you getting back to where you were is eating healthy, whole foods. You want to include fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, nuts and lots of water and a variety of it as well. This is the most important part of you getting back your body and your fitness and probably the easiest of the lot as well.

It is not easy and I really commend all mothers for the awesome job you are doing. Don’t always look at the rich and famous, remember they have night nannies, day nannies and people who look after their kids almost all day long. They get all the sleep they want and need and chefs that put the right food in front of them, they have trainers coming to their houses on a daily basis to get them back in shape and people cleaning their houses. They are not the rule, they are the exception so please don’t compare.

Kids fulfill you in different ways and it is a new reason to be fit and fabulous. Rapid Results focus on quick workouts that will get you back in shape in no time flat (ok, as “no time” as a new parent can get) go check out our daily workouts at 



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