“Make a plan”

Posted: August 22, 2011 in fitness

You know, life happens, all the time. It interferes with everything that you want to do and plan to do and it gets in the way. It should, however, not be an excuse to not do what you planned to do.

Planning is probably the most important part of your health and fitness regime. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail like a good old famous American president once said. These words are so true, so make a plan today to get your daily, weekly and monthly planner done. When that is completed, you must put it where you can see it, on a daily basis and make a little space on your planner to tick off all duties done for the day. This will keep you on the straight and narrow way easier than just waking up on Monday morning (yet again) and decide, this week is the week that I am going to get going. It fades away by day 3 and by day 6 you are right back where you started.

The whole idea of today’s post is actually to let you know that live even happens to fitness professionals¬†like me. I was merrily on my way to do a specified, set out and planned workout when I had to rush to my new house for a landline to be installed. (long story short but I have been waiting for months so I jumped in my car and went straight home) the planned workout went out the window and I had a choice. I could either sit and look at the technician working or I could use my imagination and the tools to my advantage and go for a cool little workout outdoors.

You know what? It could not have been better. A little breeze was in my face as I did walking lunges, the winter sun was just the right temperature and I felt like I didn’t want to stop.

It is not about giving up when you cannot do what you planned, it is about taking what you have and using it to your advantage.

Here is the little workout I churned out this afternoon.

5 Rounds of:

10 Depth jumps

50 Walking lunges

30 Dips

12 Decline push ups


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