“Superset Wednesday”

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Wednesdays are notorious for “rest days” in the training world. Don’t get me wrong, rest days are as, if not more, important than your training days, so do not go out and skip then. Just don’t make your rest days an excuse not to train at all! Anyway, to just get yourself out of Wednesday rut, because believe me, Wednesdays are a really tricky training day for me. I feel tired, it is in the middle of the week, weekend is closing in and of course, it is December already!

This workout is quick, definitely not easy, but, it is easy in execution. So if you have 30 minutes to spare, yes, only 30 minutes, go do this:

5 Sets/10 reps each of:

1A BB bench press

1B Bent over DB rows


3 Sets/10 reps each of:

2A Floor DB/KB pullovers

2B Upright rows

This is not rocket science and it is surely not difficult in principle, but go give it a bash and let me know how you feel. Did this one early this morning and my muscles are still burning.



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