No to plastic

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Health

It is all over and some people are so taken aback by the pure nastiness of plastic that they just laugh it off and keep on putting everything into plastic bowls. Those who actually take heed of the “plastic is bad” phenomenon look at everything plastic and throw their hands up in the air, it is everywhere! You can’t get rid of it! Let’s talk about the “big bad words” in plastic for a second or two. Bad plastic is called a couple of things if you want to check on labels. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), polycarbonate, bisphenol A (BPA) and the chemical phthalates. This last chemical softens others to make it more pliable. Yeah, so what is all the fuss about? Why do we need to get rid of plastic out of our diets? Next time you buy anything plastic, look at the number displayed on the container. Any container with the number 3 on. This means that the container absorbs anything that was previously in it. Say there was a plastic container that had petrol in, it was recycled (because that is what us good people do) and now it contains bottled water! Now remember, the petrol was absorbed by the phthalates in the plastic and now it is in your bottled water, that you drink and think it is so healthy! Scared yet? You should be. This little chemical has also be proven to decrease lung functions, increase weight gain, it will increase your resistance to insulin and for men, lower sperm count. Now for scary part number 2. Polycarbonate can leech into the content of your container. Wow, so first the content of the container leeches into the container, say, oh I don’t know, petrol and then whatever is in the plastic now leeches into your liquid that the container now contains. So we as humans have not been lab rats to these studies yet, there has been a ton of studies done on animals. 100’s of animal studies have shown things such as obesity, a variety of cancers, earlier puberty, infertility in men and women, low sperm count and in America it was found that these chemicals are found in 95% of adults and 93% of children’s urine samples. Now take a look around you. When you eat or drink things, they are stored in plastic. It is everywhere, do a simple test, try and eliminate it, it is crazy to try! Plastic gets into your food and you consume the food and you know the saying you are what you eat and this has nothing to do with healthy eating habits. It does not end there. The cardboard boxes that your milk comes in, lined with a plastic layer. That can of cold drink you are holding, lined with plastic, again! We have now established that it is impossible to avoid plastic but we must try and rid ourselves of these toxins as much as possible. Start small, maybe change your plastic water bottle to a stainless steel one, yes, the cap might still be plastic, but at least you are eliminating 90% of the plastic right there. More importantly, never microwave anything in plastic, the waves and the chemicals in the plastic do not work well together, so microwave in glass. Small changes might just be the difference between health and sickness. Start making those small changes today!


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