“Kettlebell/bodyweight fusion”

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is amazing what you can do with a single kettlebell a TRX and your body. 

The only thing that is limiting you is your imagination, now it is not all about being serious and grunting sounds when you train, you have to have fun and almost look at your session as playing, fooling around or messing around with a couple of bells and your body. At least once a week have a session like this, where you do proper movements but you stop before you get too tired.

You might think that this is silly, but this type of training usually happens on your easy days where you focus on fixing movements that you struggle with or that you are not strong in.
Go ahead and do the following little workout on your easy day, you will feel refreshed and your shoulders will thank you for it later.

Kettlebell/bodyweight fusion workout:

Start with 20 turkish get ups (10 each side) do them slow and controlled with a weight that you can easily handle.


5 Rounds of:

10 Push ups

10 Supine pull ups with the TRX

Finish the workout off with 3 rounds of 10 windmills and 20 swings.


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