What’s the gripe with grains?

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Just take a quick look at your daily meals. What is 90% of your plate covered with? Probably grains or some sort of product conceived out of the dark deep tanks of grain universe 🙂 We are a far cry from fresh fruit and veggies and the good fats of nuts, seeds and avo’s and the goodness of lean meat, fish and chicken. Why are we on the grain train? Who made us change and what are the reasons? If we look at our bodies and how it works, we are not made to eat grains. We are not made to eat dairy or any form of processed sugars, but we do and it may be the end of us. Some eat grains out of necessity. It is cheap to produce, cheap on the wallet but not so cheap on the waistline. On average, the world is getting more and more overweight and the main culprit is the way the food pyramid tells us to eat! Grains do contain some protein, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals (long story, but grains had to be fortified with vitamins and minerals due to some health scares due to the lack of natural occurring vitamins and minerals in the natural state of grain products) the big thing is the other nasty that grains to contain which is called anti nutrients. This is lectin and gluten and the negatives outweigh the positives by far. The main bad trait of anti nutrients is called phytates, this substance binds to vitamins, mineral and enzymes which makes this unavailable for the body to use, so all the fortified “stuff” that is put into the grains during processing is actually useless due to this little anti nutrient in grains. So if grains are your main source of nutrients, you might suffer from nutrient deficiency in the long term. This lovely anti nutrient will also attack the enzymes needed for digestion, this is way some of us feel so bloated after eating any grain product. The other bad thing is that anti nutrients are also find in legumes, nuts and seeds and also found in our much loved eggs but, this anti nutrient is called avadin and you have to really consume bucket loads of this to have such a bad effects as phytates. Seeds and nuts contain good fats that you need in your body. There are too many low fat this and low fat that going on in “good food” marketing these days, your body needs fat and nuts and seeds will provide that for you. It is a tough ask to just drop the food that you have been eating, uhm, your whole life but just do yourself a favour, I know it is a trend these days, you know, meat free days and so on but drop wheat and dairy for just one day per week. One small step to do the greater good for your body, you will start feeling great, you will not have those energy ups and downs and the bloated stomach, gone! Give it a try, you will start becoming a believer.


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