Why fizzy drinks are evil

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Nutrition


The general trend with fast food meals these days are combo’s. Buy a combo at a reduced price than what you would pay when buying the items separately. Make sense financially. Part of this deadly package is your run of the mill fizzy drink. We assume that this is probably the least “deadly” of the lot but alas, think again!

We are all drinking these drinks on occasion, and if we are on a strict meal plan we go for the “diet” or “zero” variety. Do you actually know what you are doing to yourselves when you put this into your body? Let us tell you!

Just turn the can around when next you succumb to buying one of these. You will see the most common ingredients in there is stuff like phosphoric acid. Well, this little ingredient pulls important minerals away from your bones and it has been connected with kidney disease! Another little item on the ingredient list is of course aspartame. It has now been proven beyond a doubt that this ingredient will cause cancer when taken in high dosages. Then of course the good old dose of caffeine. Now this works very much like a drug. You need a little today and two weeks from now that little bit just does not do it for you anymore and you need more and so this vicious circle will become to big to handle and something is going to give in your body.

So just to be clear on what happens to your body as soon as you consumed your favourite fizzy drink, curtsey of research done by clever doctors, here is a little breakdown for you:

Within10 minutes of consumption:

About 10 teaspoons of sugar have now entered your body at an extremely rapid pace. This sounds like a lot and you would think that this drink must be so sweet that you would actually not be able to stand it. In comes the clever fizzy drink company that adds the evil Phosphoric acid to hide the sweetness of the drink.

About 15 – 20 minutes after consumption:

Because of all the sugar that has been dumped into your system, your insulin levels go through the roof. Due to this, your body will store the excess sugar as FAT!

After about 40 minutes:

Now that all the caffeine is absorbed by your body. Because of all the caffeine, your blood pressure will go up. Your liver gets a cue and delivers another healthy dose of sugar into your system. You feel like you can lift an elephant due to all the caffeine that makes you brave beyond believe!

45 Minutes later:

You feel good for one reason, dopamine, this is the hormone that makes you feel like a million dollars (the same effect that heroin has on you, by the way. This is not good.)

1 Hour later….

So the evil little phosphoric acid now connects to the calcium, magnesium and zinc. This will now be washed away into the toilet bowl never to be used again. Now these very important substances were supposed to be used for important bodily functions like keeping your bones strong and healthy, but alas, mixed with dirty water in a toilet bowl is all that it is going to do now….Included in this evil deed is the diuretic (dehydration) effect of the caffeine will also assist in getting rid of your much needed calcium, magnesium and zinc that was suppose to assist with bodily functions.

Evil, evil, evil. On top of that fizzy drinks make you crave carbohydrates and only makes you feel hungry soon after eating.

So how about another one for you…..

  1. thebettylife says:

    Very good read, I agree fizzy drinks are evil.

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